On Reading

Reading is essential and fair interpretation is absolutely critical. Words can deceive, but the underlying sentiments narrated can open a new dimension of thinking. It is often observed that reading becomes a contrived effort to engage with a book or piece of writing to acquire some information, leaving aside the fundamental aspects of deeper analysis.

Going beyond the surface of words and spending time within the lines are important for further comprehension that allows the mind to debate or discuss new ideas. Literature is not only a ‘play on words’, but an in-depth effort by the writer to convey a profound imagery with philosophy through a narration. 


One thought on “On Reading

  1. yes…’words’ are a medium in which to express, receive and explore.. a medium for growth, for peace, for delight.. and introspection of the words and ones understanding/appreciation is equally necessary…. i do believe i am agreeing with your write above :]

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