Change and Beyond

Change disappears faster than anticipated when they are supported by unknown external factors. The rational mind wishes to negotiate with an irrational world; mostly, the parts that are used to construct this reality are sourced from various ideas. Inadvertently, the mind has to adjust and squeeze into the outer thought bubble. It is happy existence, till the bubble bursts due to highly charged particles bouncing off in an unruly way. It causes an incendiary atmosphere due to the triggers they contain. The core of every such idea is unstable. They will seek to form an alliance with another highly lucrative idea to forge a bond of convenience and thus the continuous uncertain nature of ideas.

Our failure to focus on ourselves and the scant understanding of the ‘individual being’ compels us to align with the irrational nature of existence. We are all ‘unique’ in our consciousness and ability to communicate our perceptions based on the premises we exist in. The environment we are in shapes our reality and beliefs. Yet, the common consciousness always connects us with the larger ecosystem of human society. If that is true, collective consciousness can act as a boundary to create an insular environment. It determines the beliefs and sentiments that shape a convenient system of functioning within the demarcated premise.

Arguments, debates, and criticisms are curtailed to a minimum level, which ultimately restricts the mind from thinking beyond the present moment of physical reality. In that effect, we fail to comprehend the stimulants from the metaphysical realms. Since existence has few unexplored dimensions the possibility of other realities is usually unknown to us. Without the lack of precise knowledge of the brain’s function, we weaken these channels of communication to realize the purpose of existence. The ‘hyperphysical’ is usually perceived to be an exaggeration or anomaly of the mind.

The inability to find the puzzle pieces and also compose a comprehensive diagram of the entire puzzle gives birth to many possibilities, without any concrete conclusions. Thoughts branch out on vague trajectories. Philosophical discourses are usually branded outrageous and rarely finds eager acceptance. Neglecting the subconscious thoughts and the inability to explore the vast repository of knowledge embedded in every individual is due to the preference given to ‘mass mind’ and ‘social mind’ culture. Collective failure can be due to the failures at an individual level. We rarely focus on our needs, especially the spiritual nature of life. It’s a universal concept and goes beyond culture and religion.

Pragmatists are considered delusional and with the greater pressures of social existence, one surrenders to the common thinking; constantly trying to fit in the stray pieces of information in the haphazard models of knowledge bases. Cognitive abilities that go beyond the set moral judgments are countered with counter emotive approaches to coerce the ideas to be abandoned prematurely, without further consideration. Personal or individual inferences are almost ineffective when confronted by the impervious nature of typical reasoning.

We have created our incoherent system to bounce off ideas unceremoniously, without reasoning, to create an almost ineffective mindset. The despair of finding reason amongst the incongruent environment leave no other option but consider a solitary path of self-realization first; the beginning of a long and arduous journey of self-seeking to combine the possibilities that have not been explored yet. Before trying to solve the puzzle, the emphasis should be on creating a comprehensive sketch of the puzzle diagram. Stable ideas which can justify the eternal nature is the purpose.

17 thoughts on “Change and Beyond

      1. It’s certainly a never ending journey but something I think about a lot. So I went back and read again so I could really think about your words. It’s very difficult to get our human minds around something that is so much bigger than us, let alone articulate it, but fascinating all the same. I look forward to the next article 🙂

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      2. Thank you Amitav, I certainly will take a look. I love and am intrigued by philosophy and it really is our own ideas and understanding isn’t it, that’s what makes it so fascinating. I look forward to reading 🙂

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  1. The vast majority of our thoughts rest in the subconscious. Unlocking these thoughts, connecting the dots, and creating a plan helps us propel beyond our perceptions on limitations. I really enjoyed reading this piece.

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