You Still Can…

Hearing, assimilating, and communicating

Sentiments visit to create a whirlwind environment

Unprepared, a feeble and drowsy heart is pushed forward

To comprehend the chaos and align immediately

Déjà vu experiences slide through a loop, a paradigm

Intense lights do not have time to mellow

Nudging the eyes vehemently to be awake

Frequencies of existence are at crossroads

Intertwisted in an odd predicament

Difficult to not pay heed to the interstellar ridicule

Here, the drama unfolds every day 

Newly scripted, but the failed plot feels hackneyed

Herds of actors hamming loud dialogues

It’s time to embrace stillness

And script an intellectual drama with rehearsed actors

Expressing pure sentiments from the heart

Soul and mind when coherent, on the same wavelength

Modulate the voices to speak of gratitude

Attitude of compassion and humility ushers blessings

Turn around and walk away just around the bend

New turn and direction have numerous possibilities

Forgiven by the eternal mystics

Still can and do- the motto of life ahead©

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