Constructive criticism is an art. It is effectively articulated by knowledgeable minds after considering every aspect of a literary piece. Ignorant minds perceive criticism to be a diatribe borne out of jealousy or an unreasonable argument. Such views of criticism are ubiquitous, due to the popular and obsessive perception to interpret this effort from a myopic viewpoint. Mostly, criticism is regressive, an art not perfected, or usually … Continue reading Criticism

Lazy Eyes

Courageous eyes want to transcend the prohibitive boundaries Fickle environment unsettles a vision that seeks assurance Tempestuous times prove promiscuous for a pure heart Encore of fabricated stories permeates every pore of existence The world frolicks as innocent feelings are mauled every day Incoherent senses with a mind of its own dances to lustful tunes Every word carries a double entendre and is titillating Eyes trained to … Continue reading Lazy Eyes

The Fate

In a stupor, trying to fathom a predicament Knocking down consciousness with psychological abuse Drowsy eyes vision a serpentine path Lustful heart desires to be entwined in gratification Choleric fate emerges from malevolent intentions A treaty signed to emphasize the malefic influences Soul feels powerful but dissipates with every action It’s a forceful surrender that scrapes the knees Etched on forehead are new decrees of life© Continue reading The Fate