Constructive criticism is an art. It is effectively articulated by knowledgeable minds after considering every aspect of a literary piece. Ignorant minds perceive criticism to be a diatribe borne out of jealousy or an unreasonable argument. Such views of criticism are ubiquitous, due to the popular and obsessive perception to interpret this effort from a myopic viewpoint.

Mostly, criticism is regressive, an art not perfected, or usually used with malicious intent. Sometimes, criticism is cleverly disguised as sarcastic praises, thinly veiled due to an obtuse mindset. 

In creative journey an individual should not be perturbed by criticism or allow excessive praise hinder the journey; both are equally detrimental. Being self-critical, introspective, and self-motivated is essential to enjoy the creative journey with dignity. 

~ Amitav


12 thoughts on “Criticism

    1. This quote was to state a balanced view on criticism. At the beginning of the quote I mentioned that ‘constructive criticism’ is always welcome; in absence of any such sensible criticism, which is rare due to half-baked information on various subjects. Self-criticism is not a negative thing when one engages with an introspective and open mind. The problem is we weigh in on one side of an argument, rather than take a balanced view on presented facts, and in this case creative/literary work. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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      1. Yes, Aline, I agree, it’s indeed difficult to do it in reality, given the distractions and various compulsions that coerces our thought process to think otherwise. Usually people would state it as ‘easier said than done’. True, but it is possible and achievable.


  1. Those sarcastic praises are rather irritating, aren’t they? We can probably just chuckle a little, shrug those shoulders and turn our backs away from the sarcasm.
    I’d like to hope/say I’m not doing badly in the domains of self-criticism, introspection and self-motivation… I practice. But, what would be excessive praise? If I have to say more than once how good a piece is, is that too much? I don’t want to offend people or sound over the top but sometimes if I really love something, it’s like a teenage crush. 🙂

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    1. I find sarcasm to be the most common form of passive aggressive behaviour. If you ask me what I do in such cases, well, nothing. Those phony critics are a source of entertainment for me; making a mockery of themselves 😀 It kind of gives me insight about the individual or concerned group’s characteristic.
      Self-criticism, introspection keeps me grounded. Every day I start with an empty mind to learn new things. Balance is the key. Only to be grateful what life teaches me and allows me to make informed choices.
      There’s nothing as too much praise, but the tone and underlying sentiments of the message are the key to comprehend the credibility of praise.
      I understand what you mean by being ecstatic and happy about something and praising extravagantly, I feel that can be gauged and accepted with a happy spirit by one who understands you. 🙂

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      1. Thank you. You don’t fail to impart wisdom. I’ve read through this at least a couple of times and I think I see what you’re saying clearly. The sarcasm, I’ll have to practice how to ignore. The self-criticism, I must remember not to be too much. And, I’m happy we have emoticons to clarify the feelings that go with the words 😊 Pretty much sorted. 💖😊

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