Habitually walking through the busyness

Too distracted to glide the eyes over subtle feelings

Stark realities of barren environment are overlooked

Walking into a wormhole and losing the essence of life

Mind pirouetting around an ephemeral reflection

Busy nothingness cloaks the unrepentant behavior

Success- a succession of acquiring lot of paraphernalia

Every act fabricated to avoid the realities within

Reverence for the askew reflections of influential images

Busyness is the immortal labyrinth for mortals

Terse reminders float around in an elliptical path

Consciousness is a casualty in this endeavor

Generic nature of life finds preference in every being

Mirror of the heart yearns to reflect the truth

Lost somewhere behind the haze of deterrents©

7 thoughts on “Busyness

  1. Ouch! Haha 😂 Is that what I do? But no. I do believe I’m a bit better than that. That’s why I consciously move away from busyness that’s plaguing the modern world, the pretentious world of “career people”. What were they called back in my younger working life? The preppy yuppies? *wink*
    Great poem, Amitav. 💖😊

    Liked by 1 person

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