Embrace of Universe

Life writhed out from the folds of time

Alas! It’s been a tiring slumber with dissonant dreams

Facing each day with a pallid appearance

Hunger pangs of knowledge ridiculed the mind

Late realization, but heart found the courage to escape

Cavorting across the wilderness along with first light

Seraphic apparitions smiled to celebrate new beginning

Heavenly balm cleansed the remnants of time

Comforting calmness narrated by a beatific smile

Eyes sparkled with dreams of eternal wandering

Seeking a sweet repose in the embrace of Universe©


14 thoughts on “Embrace of Universe

  1. …late realization but heart found the courage to escape.. lovely way to see the positioning of lesser mortals like us. The truth remaining as elusive as ever , even knowing the value of light, does not take to the destination! A write that identifies the situation ‘we the people’ are in . Loved reading , thinking it Amitav !

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    1. That’s a wonderful and insightful comment you made. It is important to understand the value of life in order to comprehend the journey, and to come to make an informed choice. We are all capable, but we need to introspect and realize the depth of our consciousness.

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