Mind Matters

You are never secure in an insular world. The mind becomes a failure while creating indelible boundary lines with various stereotypes. Communication of the most inferior quality is borne out of fear to expand consciousness and accept the positive changes that are taking place in the Universe. The false perception of freedom and superiority complex is an amplification of insecurities and the inability to engage. The idea of distinguishing life through such insufficient knowledge of prejudices is a numbing experience. Profuse exaggeration and justification are weak defense mechanisms. 



21 thoughts on “Mind Matters

  1. What a wonderful poem. So true!

    I’m currently writing about 4 steps to get rid of that insecurity so it’s nice to get some inspiration from other blogs. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and feelings about it. Really nicely done🙂

    Keep it up!

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  2. This is so true: “The idea of distinguishing life through such insufficient knowledge of prejudices is a numbing experience.” I use to work for a thankless job cutting hair for a franchise owner named Paula Solarous. For eight dollars an hour. She put me the 20 years of experience on the lowest level. I use to own a barber shop- and she promoted a homeless girl to Manager and not me…I quit. I am so done. Your wise words remind me that I have to let go and Let God…I moved out of IL to OHIO…looking for a better job…and yes I was homeless living in my car with three cats ad my boyfriend.

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    1. First, I appreciate your courage by sharing your life’s experience. You reflect upon a very pertinent problem that we face. Not always, efficiency and experience are given importance and I have seen incompetence being applauded (if I may put it that way), it’s repeated every day in corporate environment and workplaces elsewhere too.
      Having said that, I assure you, no one can take away your confidence and willingness to live life in a positive way and your words prove that. I am sure, you are destined for something better, and tough times were putting your will to test. My best wishes to you and your boyfriend and blessings too. Your positivity is commendable.

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      1. Yes I too have seen incompetence being applauded and repeated every day in corporate environments…I use to do Security and one girl slept on the 3rd shift and now she is paid a ton of money…and no High School Diploma and they kept her. I on the other hand had two degrees and got paid 10.00 an hour I have no idea why the world does this!!!

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      2. The real problem is top heavy management. Too many managers trying to delegate work like a boss and making a mockery of set procedures and processes. People walking around with Business Degrees, without knowledge of ground realities and how to be a good leader (they just remain managers) who are incapable of managing their ego.

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  3. But the mind needs to be kept amidst these else it’ll have to results,either one’ll run wild and mad burdened by odd troubling thoughts or one’ll develop an urge to leave all
    worldly thoughts and become a saint!!


    1. So according to your statement, it means one should not try to evolve in consciousness and just remain stagnant among these confabulations. Is it alright to resign to this and reason with worldly misgivings? And being saintly or positively conscious is a futile existence. Is that what you are saying?

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      1. Not exactly but it depends on what one needs. Evolution is a gradual process and it applies to human mind too! So if one has not felt the cravings and troubles in these worldly misgivings then saintly enchantment won’t please its importance too!


      2. Humanity has proved that being gradual and casual in the approach of finding the conscious path. It’s like a long procrastination. If gradual evolution were true, as you say we would have been experiencing bliss by now. If your statement is considered we would have more saints by now. And being saintly does not mean not being worldly, but realizing a world that has hope and scope for humanity to achieve happiness in true sense.

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      3. Agreed but that casual approach has its own charm. It’s just that whole world cannot turn out to be apt on this theory. It’s human where nothing can be predicted so we aren’t having more saintly figures by now! But the fact of realizing the scope for humanity and happiness is appreciable in true sense.


      4. I really have no idea where you are taking this conversation. Not that my theory or statement has to be acceptable to everyone or the world will change because of my words. That’s a separate issue.
        But I really hope that you experience life in a meaningful way and even if casually, gradually, or whatever pace you choose, will lead you to your destination you desire. But philosophy and countering the thoughts of deeper introspection requires a little bit more than generalizations. Guess that puts everything into right perspective.

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