The Walk

Slow down the pace to tread consciously

Learn to complement the true rhythm of this world

Stay away from the misnomers

No one should transgress to deprive the soul of tranquility

Overzealous ambitions make life fragile

Contentment becomes an alien word

Expunged from memory and the entire existence 

Hollow sentiments echo the discontented experiences

An unrestrained mind cannot welcome positive discourses

Impair the real essence of communication

Deceitful ways provide the instantaneous thrills

Life becomes a playground of immoral entertainment

Choices are etched deep in the fate 

Afflicted souls seek redemption 

There’s no panacea for the unwary drifters

Frozen tears and real feelings forced into vaults

Vacuous world stares back from an abyss©


14 thoughts on “The Walk

      1. We let go of the things or sentiments that are essential and hold on to the malaise. We contradict the very essence of life. Without comprehending life we remain alien to ourselves, thus, a meaningless journey. Even to let go we need to be aware first.

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      2. Such awareness requires courage found in love, ingredients from within. The source code for such an algorithm exists without seeking external validation or iteration. Dispelling insanity of a preconceived form of what is and is not. Letting go is not the suffering without end…instead, a way to a path unfolding with unknowing. Everything holds promise…limitless and diverse.

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      3. I completely agree with you. Well said. Expectations and validations, their need arises from unsure feelings. But it isn’t easy when collective consciousness and the need to being connected dilutes the individual focus and perceptions of life. To believe in eternity we have to delve deeper, within, as it all starts from there, and yes, the codes are all there in ciphers, only to be comprehended.

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      4. Unsure feelings can be our humanity bubbling to the surface. Being is not without its dips and valleys – like the currents which travel unhidden throughout. Life is not a closed circuit. Observing it like an ohm meter, resistance is gauged as the needle drifts however, is it felt? In this questioning, one can begin to accept what isn’t there or rather what is.

        How lovely is this? Grateful for this moment.

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      5. To be aware of the entire circuit and to connect all the nodes, the mind has to be awakened. The neurons firing the signals and unseen currents of the eternal energy that we are conceived from. We measure when we limit the scope of existence. And to gauge the currents/upheavals and confront the inimical situations, we have to prepare ourselves and realize the immense potential of being a human. It’s a fallacy to keep humanity within definitions and not expand our consciousness to realize the true potential.

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