Poetic Synchronization

This poetry I am posting is a collaboration with Myra  The lines she posted were a comment on my poem With Hope  In response to her beautiful poetic lines, I too added few lines, and voila, we have a new poem. (The lines in italics are written by Myra) Like ripples on water Flowing through a stream An ocean of glass A river serene A lake … Continue reading Poetic Synchronization

Final Honor

Euphonious feelings lay abandoned for eons Burying the head in heart confounds life further Defunct love gives off the reeking smell of molds Captured within the network of fuzzy filaments Phlegmatic eyes still delve within for assurance Contradicting the irresponsible worldly sentiments Reminiscing within the decrepit chambers Echoes of yesteryear memories still alive Pillars of consciousness hold the foundation Unreadable relics and tattered pages  But the mantra … Continue reading Final Honor

Conscious Soul

Soul carries the knowledge of eternal antiquity Incessantly narrates them to an eager confidante Pulsating with the rhythm of life  Stream of consciousness flows through eternity Close the eyes and feel with the fingertips Inch by inch, to traverse the distant parallel world Cryptic messages kiss the nimble fingers Sparks ignite and cosmic world flares up Silence becomes a profound medium To narrate the heartfelt … Continue reading Conscious Soul

Thinking Beyond

There are increasing instances of ‘placebo philosophy’ being discussed and advocated. They simply do not have any depth but satiates the superficial urge to fill the mind with coarse information. No wonder, the arguments becomes insensible, with utterances of ‘intolerable philosophies’. Without preparing the mind with a rationale, the arguments become a persecution and lead towards conflicting and unstable theories. Generalized opinions and perceptions cast a … Continue reading Thinking Beyond

Face to Face

Real intentions hide behind masks Contours of malaise etched with symbolic colors Ruthless silence gleans from the soul of life The vibrant and mesmerizing aroma of happiness Lowly desires strangulate the sweet essence Cauterized skin bears signs of worldly wounds Malafide intentions weaken relations Amassed woes bury the intense feelings Every day, pinch of death numbs the mind Alas! Accomplishments are asymmetrical Afflictions of the … Continue reading Face to Face