Face to Face

Real intentions hide behind masks

Contours of malaise etched with symbolic colors

Ruthless silence gleans from the soul of life

The vibrant and mesmerizing aroma of happiness

Lowly desires strangulate the sweet essence

Cauterized skin bears signs of worldly wounds

Malafide intentions weaken relations

Amassed woes bury the intense feelings

Every day, pinch of death numbs the mind

Alas! Accomplishments are asymmetrical

Afflictions of the heart beat irregularly

Muffled voices from within are unheard

Faces you must face in times of distress

If one can identify the real one

That hides behind the layers of masks©


22 thoughts on “Face to Face

      1. I feel it is part of my purpose – existence to be so. We are extensions of the same consciousness…awareness of being. May it serve more and not less. You are most welcome, Ami. Please continue…*smiles*

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      2. We cannot deny that all consciousness comes from One source and our awareness is connected. Not that everyone is aware of it, but kindred souls can identify. Thank you again. May I know your name? Only if you wish to tell me. 🙂

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      3. Wishes…how sweet to use this word and for asking. My name is Myra. Not much is hidden from kindred souls either, Ami. It is not our nature to hide…even in such times among monsters.

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