Desires scream for encore moments, nothing changes

Maybe the rhythm becomes an addictive necessity for the senses

Axis of life rotates around the known dimensions

Wobbly movements send disconcerting feelings through the body

Looking for a different trajectory in vain

Doors and windows trap the emotions deep within walls

Unreliable foundations spring concrete surprises in discrete spaces

Although flimsy, no one lends an ear in the busyness

Words are rarely translated and set aside in heaps of useless clutter

Waves of resentment continue to erode the resilience

Life distanced from the soul cannot decipher the cosmic messages

Unwillingly treading on troubled grounds every day

Opulence of fraudulent affluence cannot hide the creases of resentment

Sleep has become a mockery as dreams a not safe anymore

Simulated living controlled by the seeded ambitions

Fragments of sensibilities are strewn away along unknown paths

Everyone seeks the rush and common follies to replicate a perfect anomaly©