Poetic Communication

Another collaboration with my dear friend Myra . Lines composed while conversing in poetic language.

White noise…the clamor in the background attempting to distract M

The eternal hum is a confluence of realities
Pure consciousness seeks to surrender A

Even as the ego, like a petulant child attempts to lure, bait and switch M

Be careful not to cradle and nurture an errant spirit, let the pool of pessimism evaporate A

Hush, with the lullaby of your bliss along the wind. Know the dream versus reality as it fades, bid it adieu M

Across the wilderness towards the horizon
Another world beckons the eager soul
Welcomed at the door with eager arms
Light shines with pure intensity
Elated with the persistent reality A

Surrender now embraced into divine sublimity
Wrapped in such delicious warmth, embrace the eternal essence of sublimity, unending, seamless and surreal M

Oscillating with the cosmic rhythm
Nirvana for souls when the embrace is timeless
Perceptions gaze at the same direction
Universal union after surrender A

I hope you all will enjoy the few lines of verses.


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