Opinions and Discussions

The ability to engage in an evolved and intellectual dissent is rare. We all have opinions to express as they emerge from consciousness, perceptions, and acquired information from different sources (books, media, communication with others, personal experience, etc). Although individuals from different walks of life give the impression, or, would like us to believe that they have the ability to listen to contrary opinions, it’s seldom … Continue reading Opinions and Discussions


Enslaved by the flourishing ecosystem of negative thoughts Minds dragged along exhausting formalities to conform Incredible plan to create a translucent screen to blur the vision Unsettled soul seeks to pray in the claustrophobic framework Reflux of sinister feelings incites the disintegration of life Ambivalence between excessive praise and condemnation  Every assembly encourages fueling the raging cauldron of hate Pure eyes can see through the grand … Continue reading Retrace