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The ability to engage in an evolved and intellectual dissent is rare. We all have opinions to express as they emerge from consciousness, perceptions, and acquired information from different sources (books, media, communication with others, personal experience, etc). Although individuals from different walks of life give the impression, or, would like us to believe that they have the ability to listen to contrary opinions, it’s seldom the truth.

It goes either way- absolute certainty about one’s opinion and trying to portray a neutral facade (for a brief time) to welcome any dissent with equanimity. Usually, common or mass perceptions play a significant role in swaying the thought process. Critical thinking and deep analysis of an opinion or dissent are overruled by absolute faith in individual intellect and ambivalent assurance to reflect mass hysteria to remain relevant in a crowd.

Within the premise of this dichotomy, we rarely argue outside the set boundaries. Afraid to step out and being ostracized for holding an entirely different viewpoint stunts the growth of communication. Misinterpretation, misrepresentation, and faulty inferences about the available knowledge can impair consciousness. Greater emphasis should be on liberal dialogues and discussions outside the comfort zone.

Predominantly, holding contrary views are seen as opposition and also perceived to be an attack on personal beliefs. We are intelligent beings but arriving at a conclusion about ultimate intelligence and superiority complex is preventing us from evolving in the true sense. We are failing miserably in being inclusive in spite of the differences of opinion and subliminally still believe that conforming and dissenting in the same language. Almost always such interactions lead to acrimony and extreme divergence. Arrogance is inspired by ignorance.


24 thoughts on “Opinions and Discussions

  1. This is a reflection of the society which exists present day. Opinions, speculation and a clamor to be heard above all others without thought, reflection, facts or respect of all the above. This is evident everywhere – for me, especially in the workplace however, not all is lost. The dissent are for those who may waver, unable to find their voice or feel it is an easier path with least resistance. Opinions serve nothing yet actions communicate everything. Engagement relies on expression, prompting thought, evoking compassion, and creating opportunities for all the be heard as well as, actively listen. May everyone have a share in this opportunity to create a movement…in actions, not just words.

    Thank you, Ami for this post.

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    1. Dissent is not all a lost cause. But picking up a logical argument and engaging in a thoughtful debate is the very foundation of philosophy. Most philosophers are perceived to be dissenters as they present ideas that are based on critical thinking and mostly ahead of their time. Opinions and thoughts lead to actions. Agree, actions shows the evidence of an intent/eagerness to do something productive/concrete, whereas, mostly actions are imitations or mimicking each other to go with the flow. Yes, we need a movement or focus on the right intentions and allow our thoughts to translate to meaningful actions. Words are necessary, but only when they have messages to inspire actions. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this.

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      1. You are welcome, Ami. This brings to mind Socrates and the like – expanding beyond the forms and perceptions of their day while still impacting philosophical endeavors today. There is an awakening happening. Not later, not four years or fours decades – NOW. It starts here. Yes?

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      2. Yes, that’s true. Socrates is a classic example of the intolerance and how meaningful dissent was perceived to be antagonistic. The movement started in antiquity and it continues. It’s only a matter of focusing on the philosophical endeavors and communicate the right actions. Whether an awakening is happening or not I am not so sure, but yes, at an individual level one can surely make a choice. Because the frivolous attitude has been going on for too long in humanity. I wish people would think and do rather than do an think.

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      3. Yet – what is thought? Is it the reality or the dream of a Utopian ideal? Questioning is where it begins, I feel. As you stated previously, fear for many reasons can stagnate exactly what you wish. How do we eliminate hear? Problems will exist however, solutions are the path to not only grounding many in active acknowledgement of what is, but also accountability in creating a path toward those ‘thoughts and idea’ to prompt growth…change…movement. Like five fingers connected to a hands, each is unique and work independently however, together…their is more potential.

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      4. Thoughts are the result of brain communicating with the conscious and sub-conscious world to seed the fertile mind with guidance for actions. The neurons send the signals and is communicated to the entire body. Now when one borrows thoughts, it merely becomes a perception being imitated and continued with, because it has found acceptance. Every part of the body, the digits as you mentioned are guided by thoughts. So the actions will be according to the quality of thoughts. We abhor responsibility at an individual and try to find an escape route by pointing fingers at the common wrongs (proven repetitively) that are around us. Repeating mistakes is not a great idea.You have to comprehend what the mind is connected to first and then trace the routes that connects each body. Mind in control means thoughts in control and the entire body is in harmony.

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      5. Repeating the same thing over and over…leads to insanity, as Einstein observed. Observing all these movements, connections and harmony serve as a basis of understanding others as well as, each other. Understanding is the bridge one can cross to gain perspective in consideration of the whole, not just the one. This is a great exchange, my friend! Hope other are stimulated by it too. *hug*

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      6. That’s right, when we do not understand the mind and the workings of the brain and are not even aware of the subtle signs that allows us to be focused, how do we even think of evolving. We are stagnant with our thoughts and perceive the day to day reality of work, and daily commute and other social interactions to be the only reality. Intuitive minds can see beyond all these. Sharpened focus and guided by intuitions can also lead to telepathic messages being a divine guidance. All that is experience at a very advanced level of existence. Just talking about eternity is not enough, but what is eternity, nothingness, atoms and particles and how they come together in a symmetric pattern is also a major exploration for the mind.

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    1. We have taken freedom for granted and that applies to every aspect of life. I feel freedom is best enjoyed with responsibility and yes, we fear and shy away from expressing our thoughts when it matters the most. We become so busy inviting and engaging with useless communication that we fail to comprehend the seriousness of life. Of course, we need to enjoy life but at the same time be responsible enough to contribute meaningfully. No wonder every social media platform and knowledge in entirety is losing out on deeper interpretations. We are excluding the true essence of life, that is inclusiveness.
      Thank you so much, Aline for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. I agree with you Amitav, people follow and like because others do, it’s a trend that does not require thought. The mind of many is not fed and I would imagine is shrinking. The environment you describe is becoming mindless. I’m inspired and stimulated by a thinking mind, some are fearful of the same thing. Unfortunately society only has itself to blame. Here’s to the development of thought and mind 🙂

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      1. Thank you so much. I am grateful to my friends and readers here too, cannot deny their presence and inputs which helps me to put forward my thoughts. Certainly, I do not know everything and I am learning every day. I choose to progress take an idea forward and ignite minds. Thank you for the support and words of encouragement.

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  3. Great post Amitav, I agree that many don’t wish to become involved in any intellectual discussion, maybe not wanting to think for themselves and forming opinions based on the norm. I think many are fearful of thinking for themselves because of ridicule. I get that I don’t like to appear silly, but would always rather reach my own conclusions by giving time to an idea. Very relevant post in our present times.

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    1. Thank you so much, Liza. You have put forward a very interesting perspective here. Dependency of thinking and the fear of taking responsibility of a fair conclusion, which may or may not be accepted fairly. But I find people ridiculing themselves by making any creative platform a joke. I follow forums and discussions and also read different blogs, where I find utter nonsense being spilled over and people engage with much eagerness. I am concerned about inadvertent leaning towards such activity which numbs the thinking mind. No wonder, we fail to arrive at a consensus when it matters the most (socioeconomic changes and sociopolitical ones are thrust upon us because we are fragmented in mindsets. Dull exchanges every day is eroding the real power of critical thinking. In such an environment we need not complain of our predicament.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, it helped me add few more ideas here.

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