Poetic Collaboration~ z3ng33kgr7 / zGGy [M] & Amitav

Another poetic collaboration with my talented friend Myra. Hope you all enjoy reading it, as much we feel happy sharing our creative thoughts while writing these poems.

Some will glance, some will drink

Others steep, more think

A few may ponder

Might even consider

Words are wind

Yes, it is true

Yet, winds in nature

Are messengers tooย  M

Let’s conspire with the wind

An ardent messenger with independence

It sways only with eternal directions

Till the words rest and mature for a while

Develop a valiant heart to speak truth

A conspiracy with transparency

Words will inspire minds

Positive waves will change fate

Life will regain glory ย A


15 thoughts on “Poetic Collaboration~ z3ng33kgr7 / zGGy [M] & Amitav

  1. What beautiful writing, as wistful as the wind. I think this could mean many different things to me depending when I read it, for me, I think you expressed truth and it’s liberation – and then the power of both of your prose brings that experience of reading to my experiences with living. Peace, Harlon

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    1. Thank you so much, Harlon. It is a collaborative poetry and thanks to my friend, she comes up with some amazing lines which prompts me to continue with few lines of my own. Creativity becomes a meaningful experience. Many thanks from M & A. ๐Ÿ™‚

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