Unfamiliar Moments

A blurry visage intrigues amidst haze of uncertainties

Unable to gauge the distance- proximity contrasts feelings

Trying to fill the missing memories with continuity

Mind is perplexed and unable to explain the Noumenon

Travails of the senses are manifested in disparate emotions

Gaze intersects in an unknown wilderness of the soul

Any definition of this experience perceived to be a misnomer

Mind should stop going wild and run beyond the now

Unfamiliar moments in life push the heart in turmoil

Incoherent images have to settle down for some time

Before the puzzle can be solved with new eyes and perception©

33 thoughts on “Unfamiliar Moments

  1. Beautifully expressed.The uncertainties of life cloud our vision we grope for stability and check our incoherent thoughts and emotions to maintain a balance.The balance between life and idle rumination if rightly struck is the essence of life. Your poetry is deep and introspective.

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    1. Thank you so much, Veena. That elusive balance, to extricate the mind from distractions and ambivalence. When humanity termed stillness as idleness, we failed to realize its importance and concentrate more on busy pursuits which is even more elusive and leaves us with few possessions of value, which becomes a burden to carry. This persistent askew reality of ours is our undoing.

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      1. Forests are nurtured from antiquity
        Stands tall like a fortress guarding the secrets
        Whispers of wind sound melodious, before they are lost magically
        Sun and Moon do not find passage
        The roads are created by instincts
        Forests, the final frontiers, beyond, there’s directionless wandering-
        A few lines from me. 🙂

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      2. …amidst the tangled branches and damp green mosses, only those few who dare to fan out their every sense will be rewarded with the path to the forest heart, to reach out and stroke the wild stag that is it’s guardian – and here are a few lines of mine!

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      1. I have done M.A in English so historical prose,poetry and dramas are mostly before my eyes.
        Now through WordPress I’m reading many views on different topics and learning to write.


      2. That’s good, being a student of English literature I hope you would identify with the following quote written by me, that will explain the importance of vocabulary-

        “Writers should not be frugal with words. Expand your vocabulary and you can grow with the language. You will have ways to express your feelings and satisfy the creative dream.”

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