The immaturity and failure of adults are due to hurriedness to grow up without being conscious of one’s existence and realizing the true meaning of life. Roots of instability grips and stifles the growth of an individual. Social narratives are becoming more intolerant and aggressive, thus creating a negative impact on society. Considering failure to be inevitable is an inevitable path towards failure. 

~ Amitav


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  1. Some powerful (strong) words, and so true.
    I’m in a space that doesn’t currently allow me very clear thinking… but, as much as you say that the culprit is the rush, which makes a lot of sense even to my very slow mind these days, I’ve been thinking, and you can give me your honest feedback, in my hurry to move on because “it’s all in the mind” and “all we need is positivity”, “keep moving”, “stay busy”, I feel that I may have repressed an old life to conform and maybe to escape. So now, I’m back where I was, except I know a bit more so I guess the getting out of the funk will take a shorter time. Still, as much as we need to truly know ourselves, I need to get to the root of the problem and fix that.. I truly believe. I mean at the same time as doing all that’s necessary to not wallow in my miserable thoughts.
    I’m curious about the last line — so the idea about failure being necessary, just a step in the process, helps us grow, that’s not the case? That’s a huge challenge to many of us. 😊💖

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    1. Anne, let me explain. You have made quite a few points here and very relevant too, which baffles our mind. Mine too.
      When we say ‘Failure’ then the next question should be ‘What is Success?’ We measure success and failure by comparing with something (people, peers, family, education, status) So, isn’t there a thin line when we blur the line and success indeed becomes a failure in the sense that we compare and explain our success in terms of someone else’s predicament in society. Am I being too idealistic? In terms of modern human society. One would say I am a failure, because I talk about these philosophies, and my philosophy is not calibrated with mass consciousness or sentiments. But, the idea for me is not to think of either ‘failure’ or ‘success’. They are just words for me as they are perceptions, altered and designed to keep people busy and push them towards a so called busy life. Now, is life meant to be busy? A recluse and philosopher is busy with searching for answers to the genesis of life, but the busyness is in the mind and shows evidence in only his/her writings. Other than that the individual has not hurry or ambition, so the person is termed a failure. Thoughts won’t feed the body. Now, let’s come to money (termed necessary evil) we are living this paradox. Status and success measured with the bulk of money and property held by an individual. we so revere the one who manage to acquire them and becomes our role models, whereas the defined failure and poor philosopher is shoved aside. People like power and it comes with educational degrees and money. People aspire to be in relationships after judging a person’s financial status (true love and all that is fine and I am not saying just for the reason of love relationships does happen, that is true too). Now let’s come to ambition. Social psychologists are defining these and controlling the value of educational degrees, money, and ambition. They are being strategically projected by corporate entities to further their cause and so people can work for them to realize their dream. For example 100 people working to realize the dream of 1 individual. So, in a money based economy, because we know not anything beyond that and we are conditioned to follow the trend or fear being ostracized by society. And remember, society is ruthless when it comes to identifying status levels. Symbolization of wealth and power and a mere chair is driving our life. Now I leave it to you to ponder on this. Not everything is possible to explain in a comment section as there are numerous other factors of society and life that we need to take into account. And we have power of language which we use in majority to discuss others and seldom use silence to analyze ourselves. Socialization need not be what it is today, it could be meaningful communication too (which rarely happens). I used to be a social animal, the term commonly used. But, the futility of spending my time talking and discussing others do not intrigue me and success and failure according to me are just words. To change and to look beyond and means not to accept every definition that society throws at us. Not everything is wrong here but certainly, we need to improve and sharpen our intellect to think in a different way to make society more inclusive, which will make it more sustainable and a happy experience. For once, happiness in real sense and not attached to, again, some acquired status. Being obsessed with failure and success is merely our failure because our thoughts do not expand beyond these two words. 🙂

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      1. It makes perfect sense, and funny enough, for me (being quite mainstream) although s bit of a strange mind at times, I understand. An old friend used to always ask me on whose standards. It’s true, success and failure are subjective. There may not be the majority but like you, there are those who don’t consider the philosophers failure. Sadly, yes, money and power play a hugely important part in people’s idea of success and we mostly fall into the trap of believing this. Perhaps, that is why we end up unhappy despite being a “success”. The people who think differently become the “crazy” ones although all they are are not conforming. Meaningful communication is definitely lacking. My husband and I don’t even have that. My best friend and I used to converse till morning, discussing ideas, religion, life, ambition, aspiration. But that he has s totally different perspective. While he believes this world isn’t a good place to race children, he still falls for the success-failure trap. I’m mostly lost, restless and become rather “depressed”.
        Thanks so much for your time, Amitav. I wish the world was better but even the few find it very difficult to make changes but it’s not impossible – slowly but surely! And sometimes, a small change or a change in one person is all that’s needed.

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      2. The matrix of hyper-reality has a strong hold on the psyche. It’s not anytime in the near future that I foresee any major shift taking place towards the other end of the spectrum, that is simplicity and critical thinking. Life continues and social narratives will continue to be expressed.

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      3. Good question. 🙂 I wouldn’t know the outcome of keeping my feet on two ends of a contrasting spectrum. It is sure to sway towards a side which we are trying to avoid. I know what you are saying I have seen people trying to do that too, to minimize the rush. But I have noticed that mind becomes partial towards a sentiment which grips our subconscious.


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