Reflection of Eternity

Mystical mirror of aquamarine reflects another identity of the Sun

Ripples push aside reality for a while 

Duality of images seen in flowing surreality

A cosmic prophecy plays in plain sight as day stands still in attention

Nothingness shrouds the entire landscape

Delightful breeze wakes up the brief pause with sudden caress

A painting of nature tries to portray the genesis of its beauty

Many clues are overlooked but there’s always a chance to focus

Away from the pain, pleasures, and busy schedules of life

Universe is there for everyone to explore

Eternity does not have expectations but busy with creation

Variegated landscapes and different shades of life for souls to experience

Spend moments of life and come closer to reality of eternity©


6 thoughts on “Reflection of Eternity

      1. Aww! *hugs* Much of what I write is a pale version of what I ‘see’. I keep it simple as possible so as many people can enjoy it with ease…however, if I could capture it as seen – stunning. This is what I attempt with my photos.

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      2. You are welcome, Myra.
        Not many stay afloat in sea of distraction
        It takes courage to swim ashore
        With the precious gifts of life safe
        Humility and gratitude are virtues
        Genuine eyes recognize simplistic magnificence
        Kindness elevates life to another realm

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