Aye! The words of a recluse are not significant There are copious amounts of baloney to satiate the mind Fractured moments are highlighted for inspiration Ignorance penned to praise the unworthy accomplishments Relationships are casualties  Self-destruction and victimization of life are humanity’s life-cycle A parallel loop emanated from the core of perversion Lies are ironed out to blend seamlessly with every communication Senses are swindled to believe … Continue reading Unworthy


Compartmentalized feelings intersect life haphazardly Compressed hearts with shame, remorse, and distress Grief revealed through numerous cracks  Muted communications were once written in blank pages Crumpled they lay scattered, emotions crushed within forever Infernal narratives ignite an uncontrollable flame of regret Counterfeit virtues are painted with secret ploy to deceive Eyes shift their allegiance to intentionally allure emotions Naive hearts alone for long welcomes ominous times   … Continue reading Unresponsive