Clarity and Continuity

Here’s another collaboration with my dear friend, Myra  We always end up communicating in verses. A poetic journey for sure. I hope you all will enjoy reading this piece.

Truth is difficult to understand or accept,
Clarity eases the remedy M

Having faith in the Universe
Walking steadily but slowly
Through the milieu of uncertainty
Answers are there, purpose often in plain sight
Let me hold hand of eternity
For I believe in myself A

Now this is a delicious feast for a hungry soul to devour in celebration and joy –
For hungry hearts and thirsty souls long for such delights
Let the banquet begin with those hands bound to each other,
Eyes bright, ears attentive,
Mouths agape in wonder for the awe we are about to impart and partake
Let us be open, have faith
Soul speaks to me for comfort M

Wonder fills the wilderness
Verses of eternity softly croon
Lavish benevolence brings celebration at heart’s doorstep
Yearnings of cosmic beauty and lifelong serenade for the senses
Life opens possibilities in the heart
With faith let’s wander to the hallowed world of consciousness A

Such splendor lies in wait opaque against the fibers of reality within a dissipating fog of false truths
And haunting apparitions of fears grappled like a rattle in a babe’s tiny dimpled fist M

Fears dissipate and hands are held in trust
Braving through the dazed visions
Balancing dexterously across the vacillating strands across the chasm of existence…
Bold steps, hearts beat to synchronize with eternal mantra
Challenges are vanquished and first steps reach the horizons of paradise A

As paladins set forth with honor and purpose for old and young alike…
Expanding the universal truth of cosmic reality-love, compassion, and hope
Yes – good vibes!! Energy to sustain all lifetimes
A natural mirror of higher consciousness, our existence in ‘being’ M

Reflections from the armors of truth awaken the slumberous world
Rise and shine and witness distinct images of life, without the frazzled edges of anonymity
Within, there’s an uprising to validate the unfulfilled aspirations
Every soul can experience the purity and brilliance of night
Dream, now that fears have been erased by hands that nurture hope
In being, there is satisfaction and pride in simplicity of continuity A



9 thoughts on “Clarity and Continuity

      1. LOL I will take note and reblog later from home. *hugs* Reading such amazing conversations fills me with joy – blessed as well. Great minds!

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