Compartmentalized feelings intersect life haphazardly

Compressed hearts with shame, remorse, and distress

Grief revealed through numerous cracks 

Muted communications were once written in blank pages

Crumpled they lay scattered, emotions crushed within forever

Infernal narratives ignite an uncontrollable flame of regret

Counterfeit virtues are painted with secret ploy to deceive

Eyes shift their allegiance to intentionally allure emotions

Naive hearts alone for long welcomes ominous times  

Disguised as angels they appear with grand visions  

Soon, reality strikes and shatters the mirror of manipulations

Disasters are not reversible and abysses stare ferociously

Unnatural values negate the soul’s presence in life

Transformation of the body to be of puppet in unseen hands

Tears and remorse incite the darkness to swallow light forever

Unresponsive fate cannot be resuscitated with hope©

7 thoughts on “Unresponsive

  1. Beautiful rendition of life or it’s inhabitants ! Counterfeitism, cosmetic values, guilt n helplessness underneath …all pervading the journey. To be responsive to the call of light , essential is to be unresponsive to the bumps on the way ! Realization is not a far cry provided overdrive is inward n frontal to the core self ! Loved this Amitav ! Love.

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    1. Thank you so much. In fact, your insightful comments helps me ponder and also ignites my mind to seek new facets of life. Always a pleasure to receive such thoughtful comments from you, which makes my writing journey enriching. My best wishes for you, always.

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