Canvas and Words

Across the gray canvas

Words were pinned haphazardly

Almost a zig-zag pattern

Displacing an open space 

Tumultuous feelings

One the verge of falling off 

Hard ground beneath

Won’t absorb the shock

A counter attack 

Words shatter

Brittleness palpable

Crumbs of words

Without feelings

Dry but insidious particles

Can choke life

Canvas stares blankly©

6 thoughts on “Canvas and Words

  1. A conscious mind may not be able to convey in simple ways or terms for all to accept or embrace. Often, there is a reduction of some sort or shrink. This is a moment to seek out opportunities with intention or the purpose of exposing such light in being. Inner perfection is visible and sought but not always admired openly without fear or judgement based on the external. Therefore, treading lightly words need to carry the weight of substance in a lighter form. It is all possible.

    The flood passed through with this post, Ami. Apologies!


    1. Consciousness, seeks out moments first embraced by the self and validated after prolonged introspection and analysis. Perfection/Imperfection is merely perception emanating from conscious and subliminal judgement. With fear, one treads on known paths. Words are same, the usage and context depends on the type of philosophy it represents. Whether they are enhanced or reduced, it’s their fate.
      I hope I understood your comment fairly.

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      1. All beings are perfect from inception as a pre-existing source. I was ref ring to the poem and how words can fail or pale against such images captured within. *hugs* I was carried away in the moment.



      2. Universe and its inception is perfect and there’s a definite symmetry for sure. The soul is perfect, but not so sure of ‘perfect beings’. Aligned with pure consciousness does take a being towards near perfectness but not entirely. Karmic role cannot be denied.
        Ah, about my poem, opinions are always welcome. You expressed what you felt at that moment or some portion of my poem prompted your thoughts. Feelings and emotions are best expressed without inhibitions. *hugs* How your day been so far?

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      3. Being as in ‘being’ – without form, yes. My day is full and embracing each moment as it flows through. You?


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