Transmogrified thoughts become a nuisance Induced energy from discreditable sources Mesh of consciousness fuse  With unrestrained particles of opposing symmetry Oversimplified definitions of duality- Evil and Good Ignoring the reality of physical and metaphysical Weaknesses glorified to halt evolution of consciousness Laments and regrets fill the pristine crucible Overflowing woes of misdemeanours Time split and the lag between consciousnesses There is a moment when abysses … Continue reading Inclination

Sublime Night

Night does not obscure my dreams Looking up to the stars to guide my heart Discern the unrevealed contours of life A soul explains existence Akashic records narrate the purpose Concentric rings of light  Enthral the senses with blissful emotions Dawn in the heart Night’s ambience is filled with dreams Celestial voices chant Divine hymn Differences and distractions disappear Life’s Oneness surrenders forever© Continue reading Sublime Night

Love of Life

Life is to love with soul’s intent Love life with desires pure Wake up every day with hope Renew the pledge with devotion Listen to the advice  Within, there’s an awakening Nebulous dreams  Will be clarified by seeking Easy to lose oneself In the muddled pool of thoughts Vortex of uncertainty Threatens to swallow sanity Lovers of life will persist Piercing focus  Will shred veils of secrecy … Continue reading Love of Life