Some experiences cannot be theorised

Beyond conventional awareness

Their presence is an eternal reality, 

Due to their nature of existence-

In an amorphous state  

There’s no existential crisis

Being is the purpose  

Alert and agile, the mind seeks

Soul, the dimension unexplored

Carrying cryptic messages

When everyone is in denial

So be it!  

There’s normality in stillness

A celestial metamorphosis

Light comes to light 

Energy is indestructible

Precious source of existence

Cannot be wasted

On desperate worldly pursuits

Concentrate on questions

Arising from solitude 

Away from definitions

Unrestrained inquisitiveness

Know and be known to the Self

Align with truth

Conscience of contentment

Nothing to conceal

Aura will radiate purity

Vibrational harmony

Complete existence

An ultimate experience©

15 thoughts on “Experience

  1. This understanding takes the courage of a warrior, the simplicity of the most humble beggar, and the righteousness of a king…[or queen]
    Powerfully clear writing!


    1. Saint or sinner, beggar or rich, king and queen, warrior or cowards, literate or illiterate; these are all our undoing, as we created so many layers of distinctions in humanity. I focus only on human and humane consciousness and try to induce some clarity in an otherwise askew way of treating life. A person’s status is not important for me, but yes, Karma and karmic repercussions is a reality. Contentment comes from being true to the self.

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      1. I appreciate your comments and know that you would not think that i’m referring to any ‘status’ in my comment, rather the character it take to reach one’s self awareness..
        however, i do think karma is an convenient delusion…. the slate upon which we write our story, not the perceived with these outer eyes but the real we feel from within, is equally bestowed to all.. so it takes courage, humility and a righteousness to break the confines of the outer illusion/karma to find and live as the one given with the birth right as the human…
        no opposing debate intended my friend


      2. I clarified my viewpoint and how I perceive life. And yes, Karma is neither an illusion or convenience to expound morality. Interpretations of Karma is a vast subject, for which requires some deeper philosophical ans spiritual comprehension. We surely (humanity) have found an easy way of viewing life from our limited thoughts. How birth happens and the continuity may be debated and not many believe in eternity. This is a metaphysical realization which cannot be explained if anyone comes with preconceived notions of life and existence or try to paint vision with common theories. That’s why I mentioned in my poem, not every experience of life can be theorized. I know lot of people study philosophy and know more than I do, but they may be just knowing without in-depth inferences to further the proposed philosophies.

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