Lost Wanderers

Perceptions ensnared by expectations

Unsympathetic conversations fuel every debate

Relationships of discomfort puncture hope   

Constant derision of heartfelt feelings

Nurturing the forest birthed from delusions

Soulful utterances walk aimlessly like a lost child

Deep and dark woods absorb negative energy

Convoluted indistinct paths ambush true love

Humane sentiments perceived to be a weakness

Disguises are chosen with alacrity

Poisoned arrows fill the quiver with lethal intentions

Stealthily waiting for an unassuming heart 

Forest of expectations has sinister surprises

Lost wanderers succumb to sinister desires©

8 thoughts on “Lost Wanderers

    1. Lot of sad incidents and turmoil are taking place around the world. Humanity is seeing an unfortunate shift. Mostly, we overlook these things as we think they are not going to affect us. But we are all part of society and we are all affected one way or the other.

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      1. Very true. Sometimes I read the news feed of various new’s stations and it’s shocking to see what comments people make…some can be very uncaring. I realize all people think differently, but we really have to consider the common goal–which is living together in our world, and I hope that means peacefully.

        But you’re right Amitav, we cannot overlook the chaos and think it does not affect us when it does. I just pray more people will open their hearts to others. I know we all think and feel differently and that’s okay, but as for my country, the USA, we really need to embrace diversity and stop talking about it.

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      2. We have failed to be inclusive society and created divides. Differences of opinion I am fine with it, but inconsiderate and aggressively spreading rumors and false propaganda is never ok. Compared to the Universe we are too insignificant and we are just a speck, yet, our egos are getting bigger and we are caught in that bubble. It’s not about a particular country, I wish and hope that the global society rises above divides and apathy towards each other based on false beliefs and be more tolerant and encourage diversity in real sense. Some of my writings really pains me when I am writing and overburdens my pen, but I write it anyway to present the reality we so conveniently overlook.

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