Towards Freedom

It is not about the I

But more of a failed promise

To live without the encore

Of collective decisions

Mistakes adjusted

Accepted and included

False assurances

Only led to beliefs

Myopic vision

Only suffering

Reigned feelings

Traps of beliefs

Promises extracted

From undecided minds

Mourn the loss of freedom

Repent and defend

Simultaneous failures

Exaggerated claims


Morsels taste bitter

Forced down 

To satiate the hunger

Heart’s malnourished

Intellectual deficiency

Bones rattle in fear

Evils and preys of revenge

Today, the sufferer

Tomorrow the aggressor

Sentiments of antipathy

Fierce faces and diatribes

Mirrors shatter in shame

Lashes of revenge

Lacerates the soul

Disappoints the essence

Ignorant debates

It’s time to realign

Calibrate life with eternity

The I have been missing

Benevolence of Nature

No more encores

Of discordant tunes

It’s freedom©

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