Venerable feelings deflect off a dormant heart There is an obstinate silence reverberating in the chasm A space filled with boundless indiscretions   In desolation there is an endless churning of emotions Even the oasis transforms into a mirage Parched heart bereft of the pleasure to satiate agonising thirst Impassive eyes are resuscitated briefly with lust Seduces the gullible feelings that overflow with melancholy The hunger … Continue reading Directionless

Night’s Innocence

Eyes dazzle at the first hint of twilight For dreams can be welcomed to settle Between blinks glint of hope is visible Vermilion sky scatters and celebrates Sun mellows and prepares to reminisce Flaming extravaganza enthralls the soul Resplendent orchestra of colorful rhythm Dreams are prepared to express freely Cosmic crescendo and spiritual fervor Waves of dreams reflect through layers Magical colors through divine spectrum Light of … Continue reading Night’s Innocence