The Influence of Experience

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What influence does our experience have on how we live our lives now, what difference does this have on how we manage and function day to day? How do the wounds of the past weep into our present day? Wounds when not treated, continue to weep and seep into our lives, we can cover then up with a plaster but they… Continue reading The Influence of Experience

Stellar Moments

Why the shadow of sleep Celestial world wakes up now Firmament allows passage Eyes to seek beyond  Endangered realities still there Cloudless, stellar souls  Wishing to deliver the truth Dome of clarity Reflections alive with hope Let’s not paint sleep Take a dip in Celestial Ocean Cosmic frankness is alluring Away from sophisticated lies Simple realities to salvage Existing in immensity Sleep can be asked to … Continue reading Stellar Moments


Trying to see the engraved divine speeches There is so much to comprehend from eternity Every facet of the Design is presented Sermons of silence for those who wish to seek Proven morality and principles of life essayed Not from elsewhere or can be borrowed  Here, there, everywhere, a directionless stroll Nothing can compensate for constant absence From the daily narration when soul speaks Any preacher may disgust … Continue reading Speeches