Stellar Moments

Why the shadow of sleep

Celestial world wakes up now

Firmament allows passage

Eyes to seek beyond 

Endangered realities still there

Cloudless, stellar souls 

Wishing to deliver the truth

Dome of clarity

Reflections alive with hope

Let’s not paint sleep

Take a dip in Celestial Ocean

Cosmic frankness is alluring

Away from sophisticated lies

Simple realities to salvage

Existing in immensity

Sleep can be asked to stay away

Travel in light years

Eternal Sun is blazing

Heavenly night transforms

Stellar night is alive©

2 thoughts on “Stellar Moments

    1. When you become absolutely unconscious of the surroundings and look intensely through the night’s firmament, you are subliminally invited to the extravagant moments. An invite for the solitary one who prayed with the soul. New awakening at night.

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