Written By Time

Time’s calligraphy etched across the skin

After brushing off the inherited innocence

Is time playing a game with the mind?

A ploy to hasten life across indecisive streets

Perceived to be a two-way journey

Cryptic decorations narrate a contrary story

Often busy to read the subtle hints

Without caring to open the subliminal repository

Significant things become trivial 

Outgrowing and wanting to feel the liberation

What a hoax! Persistent deception to ensnare

Bold definitions of freedom are paradoxical

Experiments with the physical 

Leaning on crutches of numerous relationships

Past becomes a burden 

Living the present in disguised integrity

Hearken the echoes of yesteryear stories

Fast life and indiscreet decisions are fate

Cemented with the foundation of life

A false structure built over the original one

Strewn all over the traces of Machiavellian ideas

Facade of trickery won’t last for long

Time forces itself deeper with indelible fate

Creases cannot hold the secrets for long

Exposed misdemeanors become reality

Persistent headache to explain the present

Future tensed with an entangled narrative

Once seduced by the devil does not satiate

Hunger pangs and physical yearnings

Nothing beyond instant gratification

Trust becomes an abusive utterance

Across the skin are written truth of life

Tricksters are tricked often by others

Voluntary decision to mangle simple ways

Nothing hidden from penmanship of Time©

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