Explanation of a small word can fill eternity

Forever relevant and many definitions lay scattered

According to the seasons of the heart

Wrapped in moods with different colours 

Words and phrases have volunteered to serve the word

Now, it cannot be a word

A feeling is impossible to contain in this

Feels compressed and exhausted due to exaggerated claims

But feeling so pure is daunting for mortals

A word has been replicated in various designs to steal

Key to misappropriate the true feelings

There’s the poetic world where it is revered

Listen to the soul with patience and nurture feelings©

18 thoughts on “Love

      1. There is something to be said about passion…what it truly is, a vehicle to inspire and create…a temperance. Desire is often associated with lust or an abandonment of respect for ourselves for so than another. Being aware, passion and desire are like the unfolding of a flower…it has a purpose.

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      2. The origin of desire and the intention of passion drives the mind to the purpose. What we unfold or experience is the reflection of that desire. How we seek to expand this consciousness or if it aligns to the harmony of existence decides the outcome.

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      3. And yet, there is no knowing…no outcome is divined per se. It evolves and flows. The blessing is in, not knowing. Not of ignorance but of joy in its revelation as it happens, as it unfolds. The flower is blooming, petals unfolding one by one and just being – observing its beauty is…the awareness….in the moment. The feelings or sensations…gifts full of inspiration which can prompt desire or passion to capture it in words, deeds or…let it be. At least, this is how I ‘see’ it. *smiles and hug*

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      4. The awareness of the flower we know not and how trees listen to the Universe. They have this advanced ecosystem of silence. Our consciousness is yet to evolve to keenly comprehend the rhythm; without knowing we cannot evolve, even if we are aware for few moments in the now, the eternal consciousness memorize to plan the next journey. Moments may be infinitesimal in our perception but it is much expansive than we believe it to be. We cannot capture the true essence of desire or passion in words.

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      5. A flower is…existing without thought. This is awareness. Is it not? ☺️ simple…no effort, no thought. No we…as sensations flow through.


      6. Not really, Flower is because it is aware, we are not because we aren’t aware or use our consciousness. Everything is conscious, it’s our inability to comprehend higher consciousness that exists in the Natural world, with which they communicate.

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      7. That’s a askew perspective of reason. I’m sorry to say that. But again, the statement you made about the flower must have been derived from some consciousness or understanding. What we call intellectual may be our ability to memorize what we read, and differs from the critical thinking we employ to decipher the truth.

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      8. Your view is what it is. There is no right or wrong. I am not offended. It is good to have philosophical discourse. It exposes many things.


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