Just Seek

Mind seeks to explore the unknown places Otherwise thought to be fabricated intentionally Or, imaginations stretched too far pains the beliefs When desires of consciousness become too strong To go and seek; restless mind won’t allow sleep  An unknown yearning to satiate the curiosity One who seeks to relinquish acquired knowledge Evacuate the common perceptions Being free and without any apprehension of unknown There may be … Continue reading Just Seek

If not Now

You are not thankful now In retrospect- time travelling in earnest Future coalesces and the tautness of being pulled backwards It’s a fate of empty promises and unhindered apathy Incessant words overflowing to drown and obliterate reason When now is not beautiful, the pull is excruciating Every dawn listens to the ungrateful speeches  Beauty of being shape shifts with demonic intensity Touch becomes a curse … Continue reading If not Now