Each blossom awakens consciousness

Unfolding of spiritual equilibrium

Listen to the silent joyousness 

Petals narrate the designs of patience

Divine symmetry enthrals vision

Eyes sparkle as colours of cosmos emanate

A psychic experience with every blossom

Mother Nature’s love overflows eternally

Silent prayer carried with the aromas

Manifestation of pure truth 

Holding a flower is experiencing eternity©

31 thoughts on “Blossoms

      1. Maya, or illusion and delusion as it is usually termed as may not be the real manifestation of what it really is. It is more to do with the origin of Universe and life. We have no answers but lot of theories. Now that our mind cannot comprehend beyond space and time we are limited in our thoughts and only see the world as good or bad. Actions (karma) do have their results. There is no good or bad but if the actions affect in a certain way- destructive actions will bring anarchy and love or compassion will bring harmony. But the exact effect of life’s harmony we do not realize because we do not align with the harmony of Universe, not an easy task and not every soul is destined to.


      2. I believe I have good karma- and part of me believes that you are tested each life with challenges and after them you are rewarded. Things happen as they are meant to and just naturally work out for you when you have passed the tests in this life. That is my theory anyway

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      3. Karma is how we react to life. Even the type of thoughts we hold in our mind is Karma. Negative thoughts are a source to obfuscate consciousness and negate the messages of subliminal world. Karma is what we do in daily life. It’s a vast experience and can be spoken at length.

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  1. A beauty of life philosophy , the expanse of imagery in search of the infinite so nicely put to words ! The truth is it is always there be in flower or in mortals ..the catch is acknowledging it , knowing it or crediting it to the creator so as to have a divine togetherness ,bliss en route to salvation ! Lovely write Amitav , Love.

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    1. There is nothing more to add to this wonderful comment. Insightful as always. Consciousness from the very minute particle to the visual symmetry which we comprehend, is all divine togetherness. Thank you so much for adding much more to this write.

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    1. Thank you so much, Kunal. The spiritual consciousness of a flower and the significance of the Lotus in Eastern Philosophy speaks of spiritual awakening and Divine consciousness prompted this write. 🙂

      I am doing good , thank you so much for asking. How have you been? 🙂

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