Drop of Ink

A drop of ink mirrors profound truth.


Sometimes, the reflection is too intense for the naked eyes. Writer’s imagination inspires every drop to carry that passion and fuel the reader’s mind with thoughts.

Words are the voice of a writer; presenting a collective and cohesive image. With the idea of sincere conversation with the reader, the writer takes risks to defy common perceptions and rescue the truth by scaling the highest bastions.

Writing is an arduous task and there is sincere effort to present the truth in the most acceptable form. When literature manages to create turmoil in the mind of the reader and forces them to shift their vision towards the true characteristics of life, it is considered to be an erudite debate between the writer and reader.

A good piece of writing has the power to change perceptions in a positive way. Storytelling is the voice that educates society to think. A writer is always a worthy messenger whose stories remain timeless and functions diligently as a guide for every generation.


34 thoughts on “Drop of Ink

  1. Writing is an experience, a wonderful dialogue between the writer and a reader through the interplay of words. It’s a powerful feeling to know that you are first person to tell this story in the whole world. (At least, that’s how I feel about it)
    Great piece of work.

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      1. Doing Fine, thank u, yha true writing is an wonderful experience, though I too miss not being here much due to my academic duties, but I love here always and reading great stuff by you and other people.
        I wish I could write beautifully always like you guys.

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    1. Storytelling has been a part of our folklore. Before writing evolved, storytelling was the only means to pass on knowledge and were memorized through generations. Now we do it through writing. A narrative to express our feelings and experiences. Thank you, Aditi for your lovely comment.

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  2. What I have always believed as a writer is that your writing is nothing but your soul on paper. I simply loved it where you have written that ” Storytelling can change your perceptions about the world.” Books are tools to educate oneself. The best form of education is one that you inculcate on your own. You know when the miracle happens between a writer and a reader, when the writer’s thoughts becomes the reader’s.
    Beautiful writing my friend.

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  3. This is absolutely beautiful! I have not been here in the last few days and I haven’t written due to work and other commitments but your post reminds me why I want to write, why I love to write, and I will keep coming back to writing and to WordPress. πŸ™‚ Thank you.

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