Life interprets you in a different way

Silent and enigmatic, observing keenly

Many eloquent excuses aren’t enough

Enchanting ways to confuse destiny

Life’s instructions are ignored

Sacrificing the truth to forcefully surge ahead

Language is necessary to create stories

How many of them are truthful?

Lacunae cannot be erased by concocted pledges

Rights have been sacrificed unknowingly

Letters are interpreted with ulterior motives

Through the vision of defective perception

Love and comfort painted with unreality

Any decision is a compromise 

Escapists change paths frequently

Chased by the demons 

Other than obeying and listening to life

There’s too much running around 

False perceptions of busyness is a career

Significance of life is reduced

Not aligned with life but contrived existence

Constantly seeking elusive happiness

Will remain an enigma forever©

11 thoughts on “Interpretation

  1. Last eleven lines speak directly about the concern for humanities lack of awareness or choice in the happenings of life. Following the ‘herd’ is often a safety mechanism versus a solitary path. I feel this also speaks of loss of the illusion of seeking individuality among a common direction rather than direction of self as being inter connected in consciousness or as an awakened being. Enjoyed, Ami.

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    1. LOL… I interpret what I observe in Society and how humanity is carrying on with life. Poetry captures what sometimes even an article or prose cannot capture, that’s what I feel.

      Take care, Anne. Wish you a wonderful day. *hugs* 🙂

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      1. Oh come on, just because I write serious stuff does not mean I do not laugh. 😀 Philosophy and seeking is an important and integral part of my journey.
        Have a fantabulous Friday and enjoy the coming weekend. 🙂 ❤️

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