Communicating Love

Life whispers the magical mantra- self-heal my child

Love has no beginning or end, neither lost nor found

Resides within from eternity 

Don’t rush love and instigate a soul to invoke the blurred image of a deity

Experiences the opaqueness of love when behind a citadel 

Failing to heal when the heart has enormous expectations

Life becomes a spent force and wilts without nurture

Residing in the nondescript and dilapidated abode of desperation

Loneliness while trying to communicate with a detached  heart

Not many abodes will be found in a desecrated land

It’s not desirable to take refuge elsewhere when the soul yearns to communicate

Everywhere from times immemorial false perceptions of love exist

Manoeuvring through the narrow meandering alleys of hysteria

Pleasures of love, if it is true love visits a soul who has no expectations

Love is a mantra to restore faith in the ways of eternal life©

12 thoughts on “Communicating Love

    1. Thank you so much. Love can heal and rejuvenate the heart, only if a soul communicates with clarity. Emotions from one soul to another, a feeling indescribable with words. Yet, communicating love falter because love is misinterpreted often. 🙂

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      1. Profound question, but really worth discussing it. The consciousness of love(not physical that we usually as physical beings relate with) comes from divine consciousness. Now divinity means the ‘universal concept’, that resides in our soul can take two souls towards the purest and eternal love. It is never ending, ever yielding, and not bound by various definitions that limits the essence of love. Now, we are all from that Cosmic/Divine energy and it two souls really can transcend these superficial boundaries of existence can be in union/love without expectations, jealousy and can be a satisfying experience. When minds and souls meet (even in physical love there is an abyss, just some feelings) there is complete surrender and love can blossom. I don’t know if I could answer your question properly. 🙂

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