Numerous pools of thoughts filled with slimy consistency

Viscosity due to the deep inconsistency and alien friction

Only available sources to satiate the thirst for knowledge

Drink, or not to drink? 

Greasiness fills the mind with sycophancy

Seeps into the central nervous system to initiate unnatural craving

As the definitions of success collapses exposing the underbelly

Bipedal beings walking around aimlessly to satiate the thirst

Muscle memories have been compromised with coercion

Education- instructive and destructive, within concrete institutions

Literacy monopolised through jaded curriculums

Cultivating fallow minds with traces of slimy thoughts

If knowledge has no freedom the purpose of education is futile

Seeds which have been compromised birth life

True knowledge is omnipresent for those who seek

Sycophants die daily;  inch by inch the skin narrates tales

Of weaknesses and pursuits due to digression from purpose

Fragile and blurry logic overexposes the constitution

Mind contributes useless directions

Lethargic from ingesting the slimy thoughts for a long time©

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