Letters to Literature

Powerful literature remains relevant at all times and walks around with pride to invite readers to engage with the ideas. It’s the passion of a writer, which is enough to lure away literary enthusiasts to debate vigorously and contribute to the pool of scholarly ideas. The entire experience is possible when a writer relies on creating an imagery that becomes almost haunting.

A larger than life imagery is possible when a writer is honestly focused on delivering a soul-stirring narrative. Mature readers always seek such literature and wish to debate philosophically. So, writing is all about presenting ideologies which have aย strong potential to unlock minds and revolutionize a consciousness shift towards progressive perspectives.



24 thoughts on “Letters to Literature

  1. Thank you for this insight. Those heated conversations that end in increased understanding are what I live for. I’ve always told my students that literature allows us to live vicariously, seeing, living and, growing through the characters experiences and dilemmas.

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  2. Writing is about creating characters which will outlive the author … Characters which are immortal … Characters which are capable of becoming role models … Characters which shall be timeless and ageless! Literature is about creating another world … A reverie of your very own … Subterfuge from reality …
    Loved what you wrote … Much love Sugarsatchet

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    1. I agree. One of the important aspect of storytelling, to make it compelling and believable. Characters can represent multitude of ideas and life that is reality or comes alive in fictional world to represent the subconscious desires. True, when you say, ‘characters are timeless and ageless’, they carry the legacy of a book by being the designated spokesperson to communicate with the reader. This is where a writer’s acumen is tested, where one can hold many such conversations and finally becomes a classical representation of life through literature.

      Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts here. Wonderful comment from you.

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      1. I love your take on literature … Coming across your blog proved to be serendipitous because couple of hours ago I was lamenting about how people do not want to read good stuff and how this generation is not capable of creating another Scarlett O’Hara or Anna Karenina or Dr. Doolittle. Keep writing and continue engaging … Much love … Sugarsatchet

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      2. Thank you so much. I am glad, you liked my blog and thank you for joining my blog. Been writing for quite sometime, hopefully you will like my literary creations. Always a student and learning everyday. Literature will survive the lean period as the Classics have for ages. no one will ever forget the literary greats, but we writer’s have to keep alive the tradition.
        Thank you for your encouraging words. Blessings and best wishes!

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  3. Very nice post. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ It’s a very appropriate insight into what literature actually is. Usually people think it’s meant only for those studying languages, but it is not so

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  4. Yes, that’s what I like, too. I want to be stimulated. I want to think. I want to examine. I want to grow. Good literature does that! Then one day, maybe I will learn to write good Literature. ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Fantastic, Amitav! As usual..

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