Truthful Journey

Masks are becoming vulnerable

Peeling off easily to expose the truth

Honesty relentlessly weakened their roots

Waiting for the dishevelled characters to be exposed

Thriving underbelly of existence altered reality

Making heroes out of barbarians

Ruffians stroll with equanimity carrying sinister plans

Glorified reflections appear to be frayed

Wisdom is perceived to be a mega jangle 

Unsettling and sweeping off the uprooted ones

Worrying, those gullible ones who fall for such bravado

Likes to be fondled by sacrilegious hands

Relationships forged with lust and fiery passion

Creating a lineage of defiant characteristics

But masks are falling off, faces have names

Identifiable from the irascible behaviours

Life, you decide the way forward

Let the pilgrim’s journey with peace and attain salvation

Who wish to face divinity narrating truthful words

Prayers will be from the soul

Ablution under the cosmic rain as prayers reverberate©

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