Let’s ignore the walls

The graffiti and bold statements

Colourful, yet they are biased

Brandishing thoughts 

Capable of overriding logic

Walls have motives

Ideas of safety kept aside


Quarantine positive thoughts

Infectious ideas thrive

Body becomes immune

Absorbs acerbic perceptions

Gazes can censure gullible hearts

Denuded, they fumble to escape

Within walls, last refuge

Again, separated from reality

Partitioned and portioned awareness

Not enough to paint a picture

Doubtful canvas, blemished background

Vulgar images

Mind becomes immune

Overexposure to constant lies

None cares, troubled lives to look after

Doses of induced illnesses

Mind accepts being a victim

Ailment lurks with symptoms

Origin, a secret

Self diagnosis and medication

Weakens the foundation of life

Mind’s maladies are entrenched

Emphasized for a reason

Silent vengeance

Everyone’s unaware of the plan©

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