Actions Speak

False language articulated by deceptive tongue

Ambivalent heart has never been unaware of the subtle insinuations

Many attempts have been made to scheme a grand plan 

Lure the heart to follow devious routes 

Aggrandized dreams always arouse the desires of infamy

Why curse fate? Weakness reconciles with the Machiavellian plans

If not in entirety, some inclination towards avarice made the choice

Indulging in and supporting the opulent lies

Life rushes past and there is scant regard for the actions delivered

Honouring a false language and teaching the tongue to speak the same

Narrating extravagant stories of success and experience

Only been wrapped in false pride and rapacious enthusiasm

Used love to slay the trust of innumerable beautiful souls

Deeds are never forgiven, every little act is credited 

Fallacious beliefs won’t rescue the life of a vulgarian soul

Life does reflect in the mirrors to portray an imminent fate

False tongue will be heard with suspicion©

4 thoughts on “Actions Speak

    1. You mean ‘masquerade’? On who is without a mask is rare but there are many. To expose the mask one has to be without a mask, for clarity and resilience to deal with masks. We assumed a lot and here is humanity today, choosing the best mask to wear.

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