Truthful Actions

Talk about Divinity, practice it. 

Speak of Spirituality, seek the path.

(Just talking about Divinity and Spirituality and not translating them into actions makes it a redundant pursuit)



16 thoughts on “Truthful Actions

  1. Are you taking ‘Practice’ as literally getting into a ‘Habit’ or Routine? Then I guess you are wrong. Practice means experience the journey daily with a conscious mind. Cultivating? I have not spoken about it here. In Divinity and Spirituality we do not choose Universe or Cosmic powers choose for us. Only when you align yourself with everyday karma.


  2. True words Amithav! divinity is something which eveyone can’t see it or have it,it should be felt from inner soul and understand the importance..You always write great posts with great depth meanings😊

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    1. I have been reading about these two topics on the internet. It has become more of a fashion to discuss Divinity and Spirituality, as they mostly are some reiterations from some books without necessary elucidation. All I read are confusion. To seek both truth is a lifelong endeavor.


      1. Absolutely Amitav, but it is the trend and not surprising in such difficult times. It’s not surprising people are looking for answers and comfort and in turn it becomes a money spinner! Those that truly seek knowledge do so throughout their lives and look further than the latest spiritual workbook.

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