Unnecessary microparticles adulterates the pure essence of life

Seeking to settle down quietly and weaken the original bond 

Is it so difficult to comprehend the increasing distance and tension?

Fibrous fractures appear harmless and mostly unrecognised

There is no time to heal the little wounds and anoint them with love

Subtle breaches are ignored as foundation of life becomes prone to attacks

Dazzled by the superlative ideologies that carry numerous flaws 

A Faustian bargain gives the soul audacity to seek sinister knowledge

Composing a believable imagery of life with megalomaniac dreams

Reconnaissance of forbidden territories to seek immense pleasure

Evoking the undesirable Powers to satiate the unethical heart

Once upon a time there was enough opportunity to cure the wounds

Weakened and fragile body is incapable of identifying life anymore©

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