Conscious Communication

When we meet someone and start communicating, we slowly start creating a perception in our mind of the individual(s). As we continue to proceed, these meetings and interactions may vary and the amount of communication can either increase or decrease, depends on the nature of a relationship that develops. Usually, in a Social setting, it is about formal niceties. If the relationship continues to grow … Continue reading Conscious Communication

Face of Zen

Present the natural face of Zen Contours defined by pure indulgence Without being enslaved by words  Holding on to the Sutras of Sastras Verses profound elevates consciousness Focus on non-conceptual concepts Take time to align with the facets Brevity of discourses are profound Take care not to nurture sharp focus And egotistically cause distress Allow the thoughts to wander Carrying their heartfelt narratives Keep yourself … Continue reading Face of Zen

Shadow’s Embrace

The day flirts with the shadows Signs of tiredness, but the childish energy still palpable  Light slants and stretches languorously  Hoping to kiss the horizon before the Sun settles down mellow Tender moments and vibrancy of silence is felt within One who contemplates looking deep into the cosmic wonder Like a lover’s faithful hands the embrace is tranquil Finery of the ambience infuses positive aura … Continue reading Shadow’s Embrace