Face of Zen

Present the natural face of Zen

Contours defined by pure indulgence

Without being enslaved by words 

Holding on to the Sutras of Sastras

Verses profound elevates consciousness

Focus on non-conceptual concepts

Take time to align with the facets

Brevity of discourses are profound

Take care not to nurture sharp focus

And egotistically cause distress

Allow the thoughts to wander

Carrying their heartfelt narratives

Keep yourself rooted in eternal mantra

A source to be rejuvenated

Branch out from the core

Portray the real faces and feelings

You are incapable and incomplete

Until you are in a upright position

Meditating in cross-legged posture

Go further, the world within is eager

To listen to the Zen philosophies

Accept knowledge without Ego

Settle the inner dilemma

And differentiate-

Between success and failure

Discrimination by insecure souls

Focus on the Self 

Grow with eternity

Not only in ‘being’ but as true human ‘being’

A soul with natural face of Zen©

10 thoughts on “Face of Zen

  1. Hey Amitav- I always feel honored when you like my work. I know that sounds weird, but even though I don’t know you very well. I can tell you are very bright and more enlightened then I am, I appreciate your support. I just wanted to let you know that ❤️😊

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    1. Shelia, I am now short of words. 🙂 We are all Light and have the ability to communicate with souls. In a way we are all connected, the Universe’s will you can say. Here we are talking to each other and I am reading this beautiful compliment from you. My support you have always. Keep penning down your thoughts. 🙂 All I can say, let me bless you and really wish that you get what you seek. A soul’s calling never goes unheard. ❤️

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