Through Ages

It may take ages, but the stone does melt

Sometimes smoothened and shaped differently

Cracks may appear and fall apart- dual destiny

From the same block but different characteristics

Patience of water is eternal

None can guess the age of an elixir that rejuvenates life

Breathes life into the lifeless

There is rhythm in the flow and sweet reverberation

Nature amplifies with such clarity

Stories captive within the rocks speak an ancient language

Of silence, a narration and unparalleled storytelling

Its core exposed to the elements

Epitome of silence; the stones are an enigma

Touch! Feel the vibration run through to the soul

Love and patience can encourage anyone to speak

This is where awakening is

Going back, following the trail of overgrown roots

Experiencing life in retrospect

Glimpses of the past, present, and future in a confluence

Sit quietly, feel the spine of life embrace the being

Ages and ages will be repeated

Be conscious and prepare to be the conscious traveller©


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