Eternal Embrace

Nurturing a tiny thought requires patience

Plucked from the nondescript and silent world 

Rarely one ventures the tranquil place

Busy! Ah! I see! That’s a convenient excuse

Never mind! The mind is an eager child

Mother Nature wishes to introduce a thought

Initiate the discussion with a genuine soul

Famished eyes dine at the water table

Savouring the morsels of cosmic dreams

An obedient child is full of energy Divine

Fables will come to life and reveal the truth

Where the incessant consciousness will flow

Playfully swimming across the tranquil waves

Shores will welcome the ardent child

Rustic landscapes blessed with eternal bliss

Images gain clarity and happiness flows

Faces become familiar as souls meet

Horizon is aflame with brightness unexplained

Faces glow with ultimate satisfaction

Not lonely anymore, the child finds solace

In the eternal embrace of love©

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