Shrill and despairing voices stabbed tranquility with sharp jibes

The symmetry of peace shatters, hopelessly fragmented

Constant tone of defiance arise from the depths of hollow promises

Obedient followers systemically brainwashed to utter clichés

Loneliness becomes a constant companion affecting the sensory perceptions

High-pitched voices are audible- shredding the heart and mind every day

Offense becomes the best defense against the speeches of wisdom

Nothing else matters when soul is fortressed by prejudiced blocks

Vehemently trying to defend the last bastion from any sensible narrative

Within, rampantly the world start to tremble and crumble from weaknesses

Lascivious desires drown existence in the depth of utter melancholy

Standing alone but constantly grated against the barbed anecdotes

Machiavellian memories become a burden and narrate the truth mischievously©


13 thoughts on “Narratives

  1. Yes I believe there is a lot of power in words.

    I have a great love for literature and English, so I find it refreshing. Often in writing people get “stuck” in using certain simple words. I enjoy a good vocabulary 😉

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    1. Writers and legends of literature and the philosophers from past, their words are prophetic and still relevant today. Really, words have the power to usher positive change.
      Vocabulary enhances a writing, and yes to express some feelings they can reflect with clarity. 🙂

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      1. Discussions between eager minds can lead to some fantastic thoughts. Meaningful communication such as these urges the mind to think beyond this time and search for better and positive probabilities to build a sustainable future. 🙂

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  2. Wow, so powerful! “Nothing else matters when soul is fortressed by prejudiced blocks” Well done 😀

    On a side note, I have always loved your use of big words, and when I have to look one up- even better! i.e.-Machiavellian 😉

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    1. The time has come to wake up from the slumber. Powerful thoughts will pave the way to a blessed future. 🙂

      Words, I feel English language and literature is like a vast ocean, where I learn everyday. Few drops at a time but still the soul is insatiable. 🙂

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