Disenchantment in the folds of a heart Profane argument emanate from a hypocritical mind Trying to make sense in vain Viciously stirring the fine blend of life to create an upheaval An uprising within forces the feeling of love to spill over Thick layers of monotony cover the walls of darkened abode Bifurcated tongue cannot express life’s language with clarity Feigning naiveness to adulterate the sweet nectar … Continue reading Disenchantment


The busyness of streets drowned my intense dialogues I could not concentrate. So many faces and expressions Occasional stares and glances, but few words did filter through Jarring steps jolted the nerves It isn’t easy to follow a rhythm that is set for the crowd Colloquial languages blend to create an intense buzz around Slowly percolate the consciousness Old dialogues mixes with the new ones- … Continue reading Footsteps


Observing the indifferent hearts and listening to their dialogues Can be a complex experience, yet, the mind observes the visible stirrings of insecurity Afflicted with an intense desire to humiliate the pilgrims of conscious knowledge Exaggeratedly colouring the world with dismal tone of perpetual exasperation Choking every conduit of wisdom with dishonest thoughts, trying to challenge feebly Hiding weaknesses by being belligerent and desecrating the pantheon … Continue reading Punishment